Society and Social Media, the bond that hard to break.. Everyone expose more with the social media than with other thing in this world..

A normal phenomenon that our society being actively involve in the age of the new media..

If we look back at the time before the age of the new media, back in the 19th century, everyone who live in a community know almost everyone in their proximity..

But now, we don’t even know our nearer neighbor in our neighborhood.. Who’s on our left side and who’s on our right side.. We don’t even bother to know.. Everybody busy with their own business..

A lot of benefit that social media can offer to us.. Social media happen to make it easy for people to stay connect with everyone.. Give us a lot of information, help in making business and many more.. But, it turn out people become more isolated from real world..

According to Tonnies, community is formed around natural will, like friend, families, organization and etc.. While society is formed on the basis of rational will..

There also some theorist argued that this situation might lead to loss of community.. People get involve more with social activities and involve less with doing activity together..

With all the application that social media provide make people become more selective with who they want to create bond with.. I believe not all people in our friend list that reach thousand of friend we know them all.. We just add and approve according to our desires.. Besides we can customize our profile and allow certain people to look at it based on what we already setting..

People now are more active in social media than in actual life.. Everyone eager to get to know with new people from other country and so on.. But we actually forgot to maintain the rapport with the people near us, around us.. This is definitely wrong.. With the increasing in the use of social media in our everyday life, social capital should also increase.. So guys, we are in what position in this age of the new media? The choice is in our hand.. Think think think….


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Blog ini disediakan oleh kami yang merupakan pelajar Sains Sosial bagi memenuhi tugasan subjek "New Technologies of Human Communication". Kami akan mencuba untuk merungkai dan mengkaji permasalahan berkenaan teknologi terkini yang memberi kesan terhadap komunikasi dan juga masyarakat serta banyak lagi berkenaan dengan media-media baru yang muncul pada zaman yang serba moden ini dan kaitannya dengan masyarakat. Terima kasih kerana singgah dan membaca serta mengikuti kami. :)

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  1. harmbalie91 says:

    today we have faced with new dieases called “anti-social”….
    no more face 2 face conversation…

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